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Military Radio Specifications
Military Symbol: Radio Station Radio Set AN/URC-111
with PTL-110A Battery Pack

(NSN 5820-01-152-3185)

Radio Set AN/URC-111
Radio Set AN/URC-111 with PTL-110A
(PL-1500/URC (PTL-120A) Lithium Battery Pack insert & enclosure.)

Universal power supply, PP-7961/URC (Motorola number PTAD-101A) J1 connector pinout information.  This power supply has facilities to power the radio from input voltages of 120/240 VAC and 24 VDC.

Note:  AC line voltage selection is selected by internal stappings in the power supply.

PIN Description
A AC / Line (to F1 - 3 Amps)
B Ground
C AC / Neutral
D Ground
E +24 VDC input (to F2 - 20 Amps)

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