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Military Radio Specifications
Military Symbol: Radio Station Radio Set AN/TRC-510(V)
(NSN ####-##-###-####)


The AN/TRC-510(V) is a self-contained, transportable, High Frequency Quick Reaction Terminal (HFQRT).  The heart of the HF radio communication system is founded on the Harris FALCON™ series of tactical communication products.

Major components include the Harris RF-5022R/T(V) (RT-5104(P)/U) transceiver, the RF5000T-400A (AM-7419/U) 400 Watt RF linear power amplifier and, the RF-382A-02 (CU-2397A/G) fast tune antenna coupler.  Other components include the RF-5285MD (MD-1273/U) High-speed Data Modem option, the RF-5122ALE(E) (CD-5034/U) Automatic Link Establishment option, 2 x RF-5051PS (OP-182/U) power supplies, the HT-21B transportable broadband antenna, the AS-2259/GR portable NVIS antenna system, and the AS-5216/TRC-510 transportable ground stake antenna kit.

For data communications, the system includes a Diconix model 150 TEMPEST certified InkJet printer, a GRiD Systems GRiDCASE 1537E computer and associated software.

Secure voice and data is accomplished with standard external cryptographic appliqu?.


Harris P/N CF Publication No. Description
10390-0690 C-53-571-000/MB-001 AN/TRC-510(V)1 HFQRT System
10390-0699 C-53-571-000/MB-001 AN/TRC-510(V)2 HFQRT System
Supplement: Remote Control System 
10181-0085-01   FALCON™ series tactical communications system
10181-0036   AM-7419/U Power Amplifier
10299-0349   OP-182/U Power Supply
10208-5003   CU-2397A/G Antenna Coupler
10515-0008-4300   RF-382, CU-2397 Antenna Coupler
Intermediate Maintenance
1500-0330-201   HT-21B Antenna
10181-0088   RF-5022 Operation and Programming 'sheet card'
10181-0089   ALE Operation and Programming 'sheet cards'
10181-0090   Installation/System Configuration 'sheet card'

AS-5216/TRC-510 Antenna AS-5216/TRC-510 Antenna Base
Transportable Ground Stake Antenna Kit.
Base of AS-5216/TRC-510 Transportable Ground Stake Antenna Kit
with the RF-382 Fast Tune Automatic Antenna Coupler.


AS-2259/GR NVIS Antenna AS-2259/GR NVIS Antenna Base
Portable NVIS Antenna System.
Base of AS-2259/GR Portable NVIS Antenna System with the
RF-382 Fast Tune Automatic Antenna Coupler.


Harris RF-5022R/T(E) Receiver Transmitter Harris RF-5034PA-400E
Harris RF-5022R/T(E) Receiver Transmitter Harris RF-5034PA-400E - 400 Watt RF PA
Harris RF-5051PS Power Supply
Harris RF-5051PS Power Supply

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