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To top of list.Communications:(general)
Amateur Radio Soundblaster Software Collectionby Oliver Welp
Black Cat Systems (Macintosh software)
Charles Brain (PC based multi-tone modem, ALE and vocoder projects)
Grove Enterprises (GroveLink, Monitoring Times, Satellite Times etc...)
HF Asia (VLF/LF/HF Monitoring & Wireline Modems)
Monitoring Utility Central (This site is dedicated to non-broadcast digital communications) [<--dead link]
Monitoring Utility Stations (Good assortment of audio sample files, by Leif Dehio)
Ontario DX Association
Tactical Link Systems (Experiments in ALE and NVIS)
UHF Satcom (VHF to EHF satellite reception and monitoring)
Universal Radio
Utility World by Hugh Stegman
Worldwide Utility News (WUN ceased operations in April 2006)

CAP Civil Air Patrol
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
IPS Australian Government IPS Radio and Space Services (HF Propagation data)
National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA)
NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
NIST - Time & Frequency Division
NOAA Radio Propagation
Office of Spectrum Management
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch (HF Propagation programs, data etc...)
US Naval Observatory
WWV Propagation Forecast (Current)

HFIA High Frequency Industry Association (info on ALE System)
Maritime Radio Stations of the World (Bob Dixon)

To top of list.Communication (Amateur Radio)
ARRL American Radio Relay League
BARTG British Amateur Radio Teledata Group (Note: look under Articles for the BARTG Sound File Library)
CFARS Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System
HFLINK Amateur ALE HF Communications (ALE HF Communications and the Global HF Network)
RAC Radio Amateurs of Canada
Canadian Hams on Internet Project (by VE2DM) [<--dead link]
Canadian Ham WWW Sites Page (by VE2DM) [<--dead link]

Amateur Digital Modes (References & Sound Files by NB6Z)
Radio World
TAPR (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio) APRS/DSP/GPS and more
NOTE: You can also ftp to TAPR as

To top of list.Communication (Frequency Lists)
Peter Ivakitsch's Canadian Aeronautical Communications Website
Ron Katz's ONTSCAN (Ontario) Radio Frequency Directory [<--dead link]

To top of list.Communication Equipment: (general)
HAL Communications Corp HF modems & software
Kantronics Co., Inc. Radio Modems
Radiall/Larsen Electronics Antennae
Optoelectronics Test, Communications, & Surveillance Equipment

To top of list.Military Communication Manufacturers:
Antenna Products (HF and other antennae products)
Associated Industires (VRC-12, PRC-77/1177, Field Phones, Switchboards)
Astrocom Electronics (headsets, connectors, cables)
Cincinnati Electronics a L3 Communications company (LOS, Satcom & Crypto)
Computing Devices Canada Ltd. (Canadian division of General Dynamics)
Cubic Corporation
Eyring (Low profile ELPA and NVIS antennae) [<--dead link]
Frederick Electronics a company (HF Modems)
General Atronics Corp. / DRS Communications (HF Modems)
General Dynamics Corp. - Main Page
General Dynamics - Land Systems
General Dynamics - Tallahassee (Sincgars AN/PRC-119 Radio) [<--dead link]
Grintek Communications (Commecial and Military Products) [<--dead link]
Harris: RF Communications Division Commercial and Military Communications
L3 / Loral Terracomm (Look in the 'Products' -> 'Terra Comm' area for radios) [<--dead link]
Canadian Marconi an Ericsson company
Motorola WWW Server Defence Electronics. Includes radios etc. This is now part of General Dynamics
R.A.Miller Industries Military Antennae
Racal(Racal is now owned by the Thales Group) [<--nightmare website to find things!]
Racal Acoustics division
Racal Antennae division
Racal Radio Communication products.Now called: Thales Communications [<--dead link]
Racal Canada [<--dead link]
Racal U.K. [<--dead link]
Raytheon, E-Systems
Rockwell Collins
Rockwell Military Products
Shakespeare Military Antennae
Shakespeare Military Antennae [alternate server]
Sunair Electronics Inc.
TACO Communications Collinear (Muldipol), Helical antennae.
Tadiran (main batteries page)
Tadiran Military Communication Equipment [<--dead link]
Thales Systems Canada One of Canada’s leading C3 systems integration companies.
Thales Antennas Formerly Racal Antennae division
Transworld a Datron Systems Inc. Company
Valcom Military Antennae and Navigational Equipment.

To top of list.Military Equipment References, Lists & Databases:
British Military Communications Homepage [<--dead link]
Commochief (Site has gone commercial)
The Military COMMO Equipment List
Bill's Military Equipment List
Dave Ross's Real Radios Have Motors page
Military Radio Histories
Tactical Link Systems
West Coast Military Radio Collectors Group
Military Radio Collectors Association

To top of list.Defence Information:
Army Technology
E-HAWK[<--dead link]
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
Defense Link
NATO | | |
NORAD [<--dead link]
US Army Forces Command
US Signal Corps

Jane's Information Group Equipment, Photos, News, Acronyms.
Journal of Electronic Defense
FORCE XXI Military Acronyms. [<--dead link]
Signal Magazine Journal for Comms, Electronics, Intelligence, and Info Systems Professionals

Canadian Security Intelligence Services
Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Agency

Canadian Defence Industries Association
Canadian Forces College
Department of National Defence
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO)
Royal Military College of Canada

To top of list.Surplus Equipment:
Coleman's Surplus Various surplus equipment and vehicle parts
Columbia Electronics International Inc. Communications equipment
Combat Radio UK tactical radio surplus
Fair Radio Sales Broad range of surplus
Murphy's Surplus
Radio Finder Vintage and some military radios
Surplus Al Military manuals, chrystals and connectors [<--dead link]
Toronto Surplus & Scientific Great range of new/old test & scientific equipment, comms etc...
Tucker Electronics
W.J. Ford Surplus Enterprises (Closed in 2007)

LoadUp Online Survival Surplus Military Army Navy Store Various surplus items
US Cavalry

To top of list.Navigation
Geodetic Survey Division (Government of Canada)
GPS World
Interagency GPS Executive Board
Peter Bennett's FTP directory GPS software and links.
Sam Wormley's GPS Page (Fabulous page!)
University of Texas [<--dead link]
TAPR(See list above in COMMUNICATIONS, Amateur Radio)

Rockwell [<--nightmare website to find things!]
Trimble Navigation

To top of list.Canadian Government
Government of Canada
Canadian Coast Guard
Emergency Preparedness Canada
National Search and Rescue Secretariat

To top of list.Canadian Military Units
709 (Toronto) Communication Regiment
Royal Canadian Artillery

To top of list.Meteorological Sites
NAV CAN (main site)
NAV CAN Weather (radar, METAR, PIREPS etc...)

NOAA National Weather Service
NOAA WMO and ICAO Met Station Database (with search engine)

To top of list.Weather: (general)
Environment Canada
The Weather Network
USA Today
Weather Underground (includes personal WX stations)

To top of list.Libraries and References:
Dejanews (now Google Groups)
Library of Congress
National Library of Canada
NIST WWW Home Page National Institute of Standards and Technology
NRC National Research Council of Canada
Space & Warfare Lexicon

Time Station CHU
Time Station WWV

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