Welcome to the Canadian Air show Frequency Guide.

Hopefully, someday, I will finish converting the WordPerfect files to an acceptable
html format. But, for now, the selection is limited to the Canadian International
Airshow in Toronto, Ontario Canada and now includes the Hamilton International Airshow.

Canadian International Airshow (Toronto) Frequencies.


All frequencies for Hamilton have been confirmed for 2001.
Hamilton airshow has been cancelled (2002).

All frequencies listed in the CIA guide have been confirmed for 2018.

(1) Show Radar VHF has moved to 118.0000 (Sept. 5/98)
(2) Add the FEDEX Jet frequency of 131.9250 to the list (1997)

Hamilton International Airshow (Hamilton) Frequencies.

Additional references:
Peter Ivakitsch's Canadian Aeronautical Communications Website