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Hopefully, someday, I will finish converting the WordPerfect files to an acceptable html format. But, for now, the selection is limited to the Canadian International Air Show in Toronto, Ontario Canada and now includes the Hamilton International Air Show.

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Canadian International Air Show (Toronto) Frequencies


(1)  The Toronto air show is returning to the skies over Lake Ontario in 2021.
       Please see the latest news from the Canadian International Air Show site for further details.
(2)  Frequencies listed in the CIAS guide have been confirmed for 2021.


(1) Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (Red Arrows) on 243.4500 (Sept. 2019)
(2) Discrete frequency on 133.900
(3) CIA - Show Radar VHF has moved to 118.0000 (Sept. 5/98)
(4) CIA - Add the FEDEX Jet frequency of 131.9250 to the list (1997)

Hamilton International Air Show (Hamilton) Frequencies


(1)  Hamilton air show has been cancelled (2002).
(2)  All frequencies for Hamilton have been confirmed for 2001.

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