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Welcome to the STU-III / SECTEL MMT/DNVT Adapter Unit page.

This page is under construction.

I need your help as a reader for information.  Does anyone know what this is?  The unit is labeled "Motorola MMT/DNVT Adapter".  The top of the unit is almost identical to that of a STU-III.  At the rear, there are 2 RJ type connector.  Your standard telephone RJ and the second, the smaller RJ type connector like the one used on the handset cord.  This connector is attached to a line coupler which breaks out to a 4-wire binding post as used on standard military DNVT telephones.  (Picture to follow).  There is no HUB, no RESET button and no DB25 connector.  There is a PC board inside and software on the system.

I believe this unit to be a "digital bridge" for DNVT / Tri-TAC / MSC.

If you have anything that you are willing to contribute, please use the link bellow and send me an e-mail.

Thank you.

Motorola MMT/DNVT Adapter
Motorola STU-III / SECTEL MMT/DNVT Adapter

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