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  1. GENERAL:  The information provided on our web pages are strictly for research, educational or informational purposes.  If your e-mail can not be classified under any of the above categories, we will not respond to your inquiry.  Requests from private individuals, hobbyists, contractors and Defence Establishments are most welcomed and will be given highest priority.
  2. DEMANDS:  Milspec Communication does not respond to e-mail inquiries demanding price quotes, supply and availability of items (in whole or in part, including 'spares' of any quantity) or any requirements to 'contract fulfillments'.
  3. FOREIGN POLICY:  We will not respond to e-mail traffic from 'Restricted and/or Scheduled Countries' seeking any type of information.
  4. PRIVACY:  All e-mail and web traffic is automatically tracked by the servers.  Traffic deemed to be of a 'sensitive nature' is archived for future reference and may be disclosed to Authorities on request.
  5. SPAM:  Due to the high volumes of internet SPAM that I am receiving, the "public e-mail" address provided on this site via the link bellow is subject to change at any time.  Please do not "bookmark" this e-mail address.  You will receive a genuine e-mail address upon reply.  DO NOT TAMPER with the first part of the Subject line.  Put what ever you want after it.  If you delete the Subject's preamble you will fall subject to the e-mail filters and will never receive a reply.  Simply put, if you tamper with it, it will never be delivered.

If you agree with the above, please click here to send an e-mail.

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