1. The information presented on these pages are strictly for informational and reference purposes only.
  2. Under most circumstances, all possible attempts have been made to preserve as much technical data as possible regarding the equipment featured on this site and its specifications while maintaining an equal balance with respect to, in terms and guidelines for what may be considered "restricted information" and, to the national security of Allied countries.
  3. Equipment photographs do not depict normal operational settings of the units and accessories pictured.  Where feasible, knobs, switches, displays etc... have been set to a random position or, to a graphically pleasing mode (as is the case with some frequency displays).
  4. Where feasible, equipment with ZEROIZE facilities have been placed in the ZEROIZED state.
  5. Sample audio files were produced in plain text mode and do not contain COMSEC, Encryption, TRANSEC keys or algorithms.

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