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Global Positioning System Receiver
Rockwell PLGR+96 Rockwell

(NSN 5825-01-395-3513)

General Description
The PLGR (Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver) computes accurate position co-ordinates, elevation, speed, and time information from signals transmitted by the Navstar Global 'Positioning System (GPS) satellites.  The PLGR can be operated as a stand-alone unit using an internal battery and integral antenna or can be installed in ground facilities, and air, sea, and land vehicles using an external power source and an external antenna.

Rockwell PLGR+96
Rockwell PLGR+96 GPS Receiver
  • Continuous tracking of up to 5 satellites
  • Course/Acquisition (C/A), Precise (P), and Encrypted P (Y) code capability
  • Accepts differential GPS signals with Y code (SDGPS)
  • Wide Area GPS Enhancement (WAGE) Corrections
  • Accurate Distance and Direction System (ADDA)
  • Can perform area navigation functions, storing up to 999 waypoints
  • Stores up to 15 routes with up to 25 legs per route
  • Backlit display and keyboard for night operation (night-vision goggle compatible)
  • Sealed against dust and water to a depth of 1 meter and operates in all weather conditions
  • Produces no signals that can reveal your position
  • Resists jamming
  • Automatically tests itself during operation
  • Integrates with other electronic systems
  • Waypoint Data Serial Port ASCII Output
  • Data Terminal Serial Port Interface
  • Jammer Direction Finding
  • Laser Range Finder Interface
  • Uses quick-disconnect connectors and fastener to allow easy unit replacement

PLGR Components

End Items
Item Name NSN
GPS Receiver AN/PSN-11(V)1 (with PPS) 5825-01-395-3513
GPS Receiver (with SPS) 5825-01-435-0690
Consumable Items (CFSS class C or D)
Item Name NSN
Primary Battery, Lithium, BA-5800/U (27 hours operational life span) 6135-99-760-9742
Memory Battery, Lithium, LS6 (1 year life span) 6135-01-301-8776
Primary Battery, Alkaline, AA Type (qty 8 / 10 hours ops life span)
(requires battery holder / adapter listed bellow)
Primary Battery, Lithium, AA (L-91) Type (qty 8 / 13 hours ops life span)
(requires battery holder / adapter listed bellow)
Non Expendable and Accessory Items (CFSS class B)
Item Name NSN
Primary Battery, Nickel Cadmium (4 hours operational life span) 6140-01-400-2902
Mount, PLGR 5975-01-375-1302
Antenna, Magnetic Mount 5985-01-437-0879
Antenna Control Group (related to Magnetic Mount Antenna above) 5985-21-258-2104
Indicator, Digital Display, Remote (req. PLGR to PLGR & Ext. Power Cables) 6625-01-456-4959
Non Expendable and Accessory Items (CFSS class C or D)
Item Name NSN
Parts Kit (caps, gaskets, springs, handle) 5895-21-913-2716
Case, Nylon 5895-01-375-7528
Antenna, Helmet, AS-4334/U 5985-01-374-7757
Mount, Antenna, Helmet 5975-01-375-1301
Antenna, Remote, AS-4333/V 5985-01-375-4660
Cable Assy, PLGR to Remote Antenna 6150-01-375-8662
Cable, PLGR to PLGR 6150-01-375-8663
Cable, PLGR to PC 6150-01-375-8664
Cable, PLGR to Have Quick Radio 6150-01-375-8665
AC Power Adapter 6130-01-376-2168
Holder, Battery, Alkaline 6160-01-385-4358
Replacement / Repair Parts
Item Name NSN
Parts Kit (caps, gaskets, springs, handle)
includes individual items bellow
Prime Battery Cap Assy 6160-01-458-4921
Prime Battery Cap Spring 5310-01-457-6779
Prime Battery Cap Gasket 5330-01-457-9994
Memory Battery Cap 5985-01-393-8577
Memory Battery Cap Spring 5360-01-425-1141
Memory Battery Cap Gasket 5330-01-425-3914
Handle, Adjustable 5340-01-425-4523
Cover, Protective, D Connectors 5935-01-425-0290
Cover, Protective, Power Connector 5340-01-449-1036
Additional Items
Item Name P/N and/or NSN
Software, Mission Planning Station (MPS) 613-8656-009
Software, Keyboard Menu Definition Editor (KMDE) 613-9454-001
Kit, PLGR Reprogramming (includes Power Supply and Cable Assy) 9434310-10
Cable Assy, PLGR Reprogramming 9434308-10
Cable Assy, Special, PLGR Reprogramming 426-0141-060
Antenna, Aircraft AT-575-9
Cable Assy, Special, PLGR to SINCGARS 426-0141-070
Cable Assy, PLGR External Power 426-0144-010
Fuse, Cartridge 2A / 250V (for Cable Assy, External Power) 5920-00-280-4960
Cable Assy, Power, Cigarette Lighter 988-2163-001
Publications and Related Material (CFSS LOCAT Type M)
Item Name Publication Number
PLGR and PPS HNV-560 1C608-C65174000MB001
PLGR Maintenance Manual 1349P-LGRMAINTMANUAL

Additional Information
PLGR+96 Colour Product Document with pictures From Rockwell (176kBytes PDF)

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