Military Aeronautical Communications System (MACS) Trenton
Welcome to the MACS Trenton information page.  I have assembled a few pictures of the MACS Trenton receiver site, transmitter site and a close-up of one of a typical steerable HF log periodic antenna found  at both the receive and transmit sites.  Military communications monitors should appreciate the chance to have a  look at Canada's primary military aeronautical communications installation.
MACS Trenton receiver site
MACS Trenton receiver site.
This is the main building which houses all of the HF receivers, the telecommunications equipment and the MACS operators.  On the left is one of several steerable HF log periodic antennae.   The tower at the left rear of the building holds the microwave antennae used to send and receive audio plus remote control of the Trenton transmitters and other remote sites.  To the right, not visible, is a large curtain array log periodic antenna.  Also not visible in the background are additional log periodic and dipole antennae.

MACS Trenton Transmitter Site
MACS Trenton transmitter site.
Located some distance away form the receiver site by the waters of Lake Ontario at Point Petre is the associated transmitter site.  At this location, to the left of the picture, is is a log periodic curtain array.   At the left, far rear of the picture, is the transmitter building and the microwave tower with the microwave antenna at its top, more steerable log periodics, some dipoles and some HF whip antennae (120 series).   Also visible in the picture is an inverted cone antenna (looks like 6 telephone poles).

Log Periodic Antenna
Steerable Log Periodic Antennae.
This is a close-up view of the large  steerable log periodic antennae at the receiver site.  Identical antennae are also located at the transmitter site.

MACS Operator Console
Picture courtesy of Cpl J.B. Cross
Operator Console.
Inside the receiver building, the MACS operators handle various forms of global communication traffic from multiple operator consoles.  Each workstation is capable of controlling receivers, transmitters, antenna switch matrixes, the position steering of the log periodic antennae and other remote receiver/transmitter sites.  Control of the various elements is assisted by an integrated computerized system.  Ancillary equipment includes telephone patch equipment, ICAO SELCAL encoders, meteorological systems for weather information and broadcasts and cipher systems for secure traffic.

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